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Class of 83
OK, Class of 83- Details are sketchy but our class is going to ride the Funky Party Bus in the parade. Bring yourself a beverage and ride the bus. Ed is our D.D. We'll meet south of the elevator,...
Last Post: Jun 28th 2011
Author: TonyKoenigs
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Class of 83
Class of 83, Let's talk.
Last Post: Jun 27th 2011
Author: markbecker83
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Class of '68
I have some conflicts that weekend but want to be there and will if I know I can see some Ole (not OLD) classmates!!!!! Please reply! - ways to meet up on Sat. pm??
Last Post: Jun 8th 2011
Author: kramer
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Class of 78!
The class of 78 is planning a party on Friday night at Deb and Rod Fisher's house! Mark it down!!!
Last Post: May 26th 2011
Author: kelloggman
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Classes of '91,'92,'93--Party?
Looking to see if our fellow classmates and friends are interested in having a Friday evening get together at our home near Cheney Lake. Planning on a 8 pm adults only bonfire, etc...suggestions...
Last Post: May 11th 2011
Author: SusanHelten
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Class of 66
Let's all try and make it!!!
Last Post: Apr 18th 2011
Author: dennis
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